2015/09/01     invalid GUI input data: FOCUS DATA  by using CTRL-Y and CTR, note 2192022
2015/09/01     EH&S WWI: Corrections in WWI SP39, note 2199729
2015/09/01     Keyboard: Shift+Del deleted more characters than the selecte, note 2195400
2015/09/01     New and removed components on the Presentation DVD 7.40 Comp, note 2192210
2015/09/01     SAP GUI Calendar Control : On pressing Escape key,  popup di, note 2178182
2015/09/01     SAP GUI Docking container: Unable to navigate across two dif, note 2186977
2015/09/01     SAP GUI Graphics Barchart: Translation issue in printer prop, note 2190161
2015/09/01     SAP GUI NETCHART: Supporting UNICODE texts in print preview, note 2198884
2015/09/01     SAP GUI TEXTEDIT Control: file_open_error is coming while up, note 2190066
2015/09/01     SAP GUI for Windows: overwrite more characters then the mark, note 2195869
2015/09/01     SAP GUI not closing correctly in-place in SAP Portal, note 2198731
2015/09/01     SAP Logon 740:  creating connection entries with the same sy, note 2194697
2015/09/01     SAP Logon 740: Windows freezes after adding and then deletin, note 2193634
2015/09/01     SAPGUI ALV Grid : Row Selection Arrow not reversed in RTL mo, note 2175122
2015/09/01     SAPGUI ALV Grid: Celltips are not correctly aligned in RTL m, note 2177002
2015/09/01     Saplogon: buttons in toolbar are not correctly vertically al, note 2190652
2015/09/01     GuiXT: Version 2015 Q3 2, note 809461
2015/09/01     Enhanced Search: no value takeover after menu selection, note 2200315
2015/09/01     SAP GUI ALV Grid: Clearing a column having checkboxes result, note 2197038
2015/09/01     SAPGUI ALV Grid: On Selecting full grid old selection is not, note 2179108
2015/09/01     Scripting: wrong recording when function code isset from bac, note 2199928
2015/09/01     SAP GUI Scripting: Script recording and Playback failed with, note 2200569
2015/09/01     SAP GUI Logon Control: Incorrect Message Server value used f, note 2201134
2015/09/01     Docker in minimal size with high DPI: not possible to resize, note 2203010
2015/09/01     SAP GUI for Windows: Unnecessary scrollbars could be shown o, note 2204020
2015/09/01     SAP Logon (Pad): direct start like saplogon.exe  EntryName , note 2202767
2015/09/01     SAP Logon (Pad) 740: an error trace file saplgmgr_????.err, note 2204600
2015/09/01     SAPShortcut: error message on the status bar  Cannot start t, note 2115045
2015/09/01     Crash of GUI in NWBC when Personas is on, note 2206231
2015/09/01     Focus: Scrolling for ABAP list via scrollwheel no more possi, note 2205541
2015/09/01     SAPGUI 740 or 730 crashes inside guirfc.dll, note 2203833
2015/09/01     Prematurely closed popup window when opening new SAP GUI ses, note 2189154
2015/09/07     Wrong Taborder when after a Radiobuttongroup are some Cont, note 2213456
2015/09/22     Enhanced Search: in NWBC doesn't work in some transactions, note 2204902

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