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프로그램 COPY 질문드립니다.

[레벨:0]ddynamicc 2017.11.09 12:15


프로그램 COPY에 대해 질문드립니다.

프로그램을 우클릭 눌러서 COPY 할 때, 

COPY 대상으로 소스/테스트요소/문서/변형/사용자인터페이스/화면/INCLUDE 이렇게 나옵니다.

여기서 문서사용인터페이스는 무엇인가요ㅠㅠ

찾아도 잘 안나오네요ㅠㅠ

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[레벨:9]Brisky 2017.11.10 18:38

밑의 링크 참조해 보세요.

Documentation refer link

Documentation: Specifies a description of a program, explaining what it does and

when it is used. You can also describe prerequisites of running a program,

such as tables that must be maintained and programs that must be run.

Moreover, you can also specify the examples that explain the report functions and

other possible settings, such as output, integration, and activities.


User Interface refer link

For the execution of user dialogs, input and output services are required that can be accessed through a user interface (UI). A user interface is used for the interaction between a user and a program.

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