Are you an ABAP developer? Are you using abapGit?


If you answered “Yes” to the first question did you answer “Yes” to the second question too?

You might be thinking – “What is abapGit?” – so let’s start there. The simple answer is that abapGit is a Git client written in ABAP for ABAP.

Some of you are now thinking “What is Git?”. I’m sorry that is outside the scope of this post but please, please, please use Google to figure that out. And I urge you do it quickly – like “now” – and then return to this post later. Git is a fundamental part of the contemporary developer’s toolkit. IMO ignoring Git is not an option for developers in 2017.

Back to the topic at hand. abapGit is an Open-source project initiated by Lars Hvam under an MIT License.

At time of writing there are 24 contributors to the abapGit project. There have been over 400 commits in the past 5 months alone which shows this is a very active and vibrant project. Maybe you too will want to contribute and help make abapGit bigger and better?


One of the design goals of abapGit is that it should have a “small footprint”. This can mean many things to many people. One thing is it is absolutely the easiest ABAP project to install – EVER! No transports. No multiple steps. No pre-install of other things. No file uploads. No patches required. No add-ins required. Simply copy and paste code into a program on your ABAP development system and activate.

Like this….

이하 내용은 아래 링크를 참조하세요.

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저         서 : Easy ABAP, Plus ABAP

경         험 : SAP ABAP Tuning, SAP SCM(SD/PP/QM/PM/WM/APO)

자         격 : SAP SD / PP  / SAP ABAP Certification 등

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