TPALOG                  Transport Log table

E070                           Change & Transport System: Header of Reque

E070A                          Change & Transport System: Attributes of a

E070C                          CTS: Source/Target Client of Requests/Task

E070CREATE                     Change & Transport System: Creation Date o

E070DEP                        Change & Transport System: Dependencies of

E070L                          CTS: Index for Assigning Numbers to Reques

E070M                          CTS: Target Package/Layer for Requests

E070TAG                        Tagged Requests for Check-In of Non-ABAP O

E070TC                         Help Table for E070 for Client-Specific Im

E070USE                        Use of Current Requests by Users


E071                           Change & Transport System: Object Entries

E071C                          Change & Transport System: Client-Specific

E071E                          Lang. Transport: Positive List for Generic

E071K                          Change & Transport System: Key Entries of

E071KF                         Change & Transport System: Nametab Info. o

E071KFINI                      Change & Transport System: Nametab Info. o

E071S                          System-Specific Import Status of Objects

E07T                           Change & Transport System: Short Texts for

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